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  • App Name: Jetpack Joyride
  • Publisher: Halfbrick Studios
  • Version: v1.65.2
  • Rating:
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Mod Features

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About Jetpack Joyride

Brick the Jetpacker has captivated hundreds of millions of gamers over the years. With over seven hundred million downloads, Jetpack Joyride commands a cult following amongst Android players.

But there’s something most gamers don’t get access to every upgrade, vehicle, and mod. With a lot of features left to the imagination, getting a 100% experience from Jetpack Joyride is tricky for players.

We promise players the collection of MODs and updates that guarantee maximum immersion. Gamers can be sure of getting all mods Jetpack Joyride has to offer.

But be sure there’s more!

To get a hold of everything AppValley provides, take a look at the top collection of facts below. Afterward, you’ll get to see every essential feature of Jetpack Joyride that guarantees a whole load of fun.


Compete with all your friends from across the globe

You can quickly get into a challenge with all your friends from across the world. Making the most from your gaming experience becomes a lot more comfortable as you can easily interact and get a multiplayer contest up and running.

Complete brave missions to increase your rank

You can quickly boost your rank by completing several missions on Jetpack Joyride. All you need is an excellent collection of cash to promote your campaign.

Earn accomplishments and clash against friends

Apart from getting into a contest with friends, you’re guaranteed rewards if they can get bested by your prowess.

And you stand a higher chance of pinning down the competition when you download the MOD APK version from AppValley.


Filled up with a lot of fun, Jetpack Joyride assures you of a maxed-out experience in every stage. You can be sure of each level bringing on its peculiar twist as you tear through the lab. Also, competing with friends worldwide adds a lot more fun to your gaming experience.

If it happens, your fun is tied to getting many weapons and mods with a lot of cash, then the MOD APK version of Jetpack Joyride from AppValley promises you a fat wad of coins to spend freely.

Free modes in extraordinary events

A mountain of extraordinary events helps you make the most from any experience you’re targeting on AppValley.

Many free modes make it possible to get a lot of action, and with coins provided from Jetpack Joyride MOD APK, you’re guaranteed a two-sided, exceptional experience.

One-touch control

Being able to control Brick the Jetpacker with one hand makes this arcade game an excellent adventure.

Comfortable controls assure a smoother, accessible gameplay that conveys a lot better fun with zero hassles.

Rewarding missions

There’re several rewards on Jetpack Joyride likely to get you a maxed out experience. Make the most from these missions with a detailed upgraded version from AppValley.

Wreck the lab using gigantic machines

Tear down the lab where evil experiments are taking place with a lot more than just jetpacks. You can make use of humongous vehicles bought with coins and get the havoc started.

And since Jetpack Joyride MOD APK from AppValley offers an excellent collection of coins for you to spend, getting these tough vehicles isn’t challenging to achieve.

Test your alertness with inbound lasers, missiles, and more

Are you truly alert? You’d find out on Jetpack Joyride! In your bid to tear down the lab, don’t think there won’t be any resistance against your plan. A lot of foes will try to take you down with missiles, laser guns, and several projectiles.

Your dodging skills will be put to a stern test. But with the MOD APK from AppValley, your gaming experience is undoubtedly going to be a lot more comfortable.


A cartoony theme is adopted for Jetpack Joyride, but it still has one of the best graphics on the Web. It features several stimulating that provide top-notch, crispy graphics, realistic explosions, and more.


The sound assured from several scenes on Jetpack Joyride provides it an excellent combo. You can be sure of top-class sounds geared toward maxing out the ultimate gaming feel you’re sure to have.

Special Events

Many special events, such as pirate contests and more ensure gamers get the best, dynamic experience possible. You can get a lot of rewards with special events, and with the MOD version of this app from AppValley, you’re guaranteed an excellent experience with less hassle.


Several costumes on Jetpack Joyride are fully customizable, making it one of the best games that assure multiple fun attires.
You can appreciate the myriad of costumes available on Jetpack Joyride and max out your gaming experience.

Game Info

Android Version

With an Android 4.4 compatible device and up, you’re confident of amaxed-out experience with Jetpack Joyride. Since Jetpack Joyride is supported on several devices, it’s a lot comfortable to get the gaming experience you’ve always wanted.


As far as arcade games go, Jetpack Joyride is an excellent addition. You can appreciate the game’s adventurous approach that promotes immersion and better, long-hour gaming.

And it’s not the only arcade game available on AppValley if you intend on asking.

The latest version 1.30.1 promises even better gaming with zero glitches and better mods. Gamers can experience significant jetpack action with a lot more coins to spend.


Apart from being the brain behind Fruit Ninja and other successful titles, Halfbrick Studios is a company that keeps gamers wowed.

Other Special Features

Fly the coolest jetpacks in gaming history
A myriad of jetpacks is available on Jetpack Joyride, making the game remain true to its name. You have access to a massive collection of jetpacks you can access with coins earned in-game.

Surf the wave-rider

And Jetpack Joyride assures gamers an exciting experience with many vehicles. Among these new vehicles is the wave rider. You can conveniently blast off every obstacle in your way and get the evil lab totaled in no time.

And there’s more!

You can conveniently get power-ups to function with your wave-rider for even more dominant force through enemy territory.

Storm the lab in giant mechanics and vehicles

With giant mechanics, you can be sure of the enemy’s lab getting totaled in no time! Navigate through this game with several powered vehicles and mechanical upgrades.

All these mechanical upgrades boost your gaming potential, making sure your experience through every stage remains fun-filled and mech-backed.

Equip gadgets & power-ups

Several gadgets and power-ups available on Jetpack Joyride, makes it one of the hottest titles ever to get an Android release.

With all these equipment and gadgets you’ve gotten, you’ll quickly get an ultimate feel from one of the world’s best games.

Awesome jetpack designs

With several jetpack designs, you’re guaranteed different off-shoots to aid you get through the lab. And to get access to several jetpack choices in an instant, its better you check out the MOD APK version from AppValley.

Gain access to dominant upgrades and gear through achievements

Mountains of upgrades are available on Jetpack Joyride. But to get access to all these upgrades in the past, gamers had to gain access through painstaking coin collection or buying coins with cash.

But with the MOD APK version available on AppValley, you have access to unlimited cash to get the upgrades of your choosing. An experience of a lifetime is assured when you download Jetpack Joyride MOD APK from AppValley.

Endless Fun

Unlike other games where there’s an end to it all, Jetpack Joyride can continue for as long as you want.

If you need a game with unlimited capabilities to keep you entertained, Jetpack Joyride is the game you’ve got to go for.

And with the constant MODs and updates, you’re guaranteed from AppValley, the ultimate, long-term jetpack experience is assured.

Additional Information

When you make AppValley your number one choice, downloading Jetpack Joyride MOD APK will certainly make the most from your gaming experience.

And there’re lots more games to ensure you max out your gaming, regardless of your preferred genre. AppValley has you covered with an extensive collection of Android titles geared towards maxing out the new feeling you get from games.