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Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK latest version free Download (Unlimited Money)

Hungry shark Evolution is a mobile optimized game that many people are already playing around the world. A product of Ubisoft, the game is available for both android users and iOS and is already ahead of many similar games apps in terms of downloads and rating. Like so many games, some of the features of this game has been locked and one can access them only by paying or advancing to higher levels. This sometimes makes the game boring and there is where we, come in.

Here at, you will be able to get the modded version of Hungry Shark Evolution app, with unlimited everything. You can download it here for free and enjoy the game to your maximum. Let us explore everything about this game including the features you can expect by downloading our version here.

Overview of Hungry Shark Evolution Game

Like mentioned above, Hungry Shark Evolution is a most beloved mobile game around the world. Its gameplay is very similar to two other games released by Ubisoft that is, Hungry Dragon and Hungry Shark World. The game is about hunting to death where you will have to hunt and eat meat for survival. It is an amazing game that one can only appreciate how wonderful it is by downloading the version we have provided for you here for free.

Hungry Shark Evolution App Information

Hungry Shark Evolution app is a game which favors many mobile phone users and therefore as long as you got a smartphone, then you have no excuse but to download Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK from here at You do not need to worry about security since we always ensure that our MOD APKS are as secure as much as possible before we make them available for you. Here is what you need to know about our Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK:

  • Name- Hungry Shark Evolution
  • Publisher- Ubisoft
  • Category- Arcade
  • Version- 7.7.0
  • Size- 98MB
  • Mobile operating system- at least android 4.1

Hungry Shark Evolution MOD features

For Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK that you can download here at, an outstanding MOD feature of the game that you will have access to it is the unlimited money. Money in such games is the ultimate property you need to advance quickly in the game as well as get to enjoy maximally.

For hungry shark Evolution, the money comes in two types. We have money inform of Gold and money inform of Gemstones. Both are available in unlimited amounts when you download our modded app here for free. Something interesting is that each of the currency is equally important and therefore you need them. Having the currency makes you advance forward faster with ease.

Features of Hungry Shark Evolution Game

Hungry Shark Evolution is game that has many features that makes the game lively and worthy playing. Some of these features include:

  • Graphics
    Graphics in any type of game are the major thing that will make people love the game. The graphics for Hungry Shark Evolution game are topnotch with a 3D effect. This gives the game a premium feel. Everything in the game appears very clear giving an almost real life experience. This feature may be compromised sometimes if you download the app from other sources, which have a low reputation. Here at however, what you get is exactly what we have described here without compromising on quality. Feel free to download the APK here and enjoy this feature.
  • Diverse Variety of fish species
    Hungry Shark Evolution is all about life in the ocean and therefore features a large variety of fish species of different sizes, shape and appearance. The sharks both that exist and those that are as a result of imagination grace this game making it interesting and enjoyful. The sharks progress from the beginning of the game as you proceed. Your first shark to you are supposed to train, called Reef Shark is transformed slowly as you progress turning into a Mako Shark, then Hammerhead Shark, Tiger Shark and finally the great white Shark.
  • Lots of Enemies for the shark
    Something else that you cannot miss in this game and which also contributes to the greatness of the game is the presence of many enemies for the shark. This makes the game engaging. Purpose to understand what is threat to you and work towards avoiding it in order to sustain yourself and continue hunting down your prey. Ensure that blood does not get lost and that your HP is maintained at high levels as much as possible.
  • Clamshells messages
    Clamshells are found in abundant amounts on the cliffs. Collect as many of them during your feeding time and open them to find out where the side quests will want you to go. This opens up several feature of the game and even gives you an opportunity to earn lots of coins.
  • Bonuses
    There are several opportunities for you to get bonuses in this game. There are 15 sunken bonus objects which when discovered will help you win bonus prizes. There also exist some special gadgets and baby sharks, which serve as strength bonuses.
  • Cloud saving options
    Aside from the gameplay features, cloud saving options also exist which generally serves to help you access the game on a different device from your own. Google+ makes this option possible and as long you can sign into your account, you may be able to play your favorite game even without your phone.
  • Social sharing options
    If you like sharing your achievements with friends and the general public, then this game favors you. With the modded app downloaded here at, you can upload your video to youtube and then share the link with your friends so that they can see your expertise and skills.

The gameplay

Like it has been mentioned in this article multiple times, Hungry Shark Evolution is an interesting game involving a shark. It involves hunting meat and eating it for survival and growth. Health points are important and their reduction to 0 means that you have failed and therefore the game will come to an end.

Control your shark to hunt down and eat fish. You can control it to run faster and therefore increase chances of catching the food. Sufficient amount of food will unlock the gold rush, where there is no limit to speeding up, the shark is in an immortal state and everything is being turned into coins. The rules of this game should remind you of one popular game, Feeding Frenzy. They are so similar and as long as you have played this game in your childhood years, then you will find no trouble grasping the rules of Hungry Shark Evolution.

During the beginning of the game when you are still a small shark, the trick is to remain below the sea and eat the fish because they when you emerge from the seabed, you are likely to be eaten by the larger sharks. As you grow and become bigger and bigger, you get the guts to emerge and begin confronting the larger sharks. Finally, find out about the king of the sea and see whether you can define them or not. Go for it once you are able to defeat it.

Downloading and installing Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK on your device

You can easily download the safe and latest version of Hungry Shark MOD APK from here at and enjoy the unlimited features of the game that are unlocked for you. The game is downloaded free of charge without having to pay anything. The app is also secure and is not associated with any viruses or other forms of malware that can destroy your operating system. It is also the latest version available currently with new features and unlocked features. Here is how you can get the app up and running on your smartphone.

  • Before downloading our modded app here, make sure you do not have any previous version of the app on your device. This may affect the running of the new app on your device. Therefore, uninstall the previous version of the app as a first step.
  • Proceed to download the Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK here at
  • Find from your downloads the file downloaded and click on it. It should take you to the install window where you should click on install.
  • After installation process is done, open your game and start playing. Everything will be open and you will not be required to do any special procedure to unlock the MOD features.

Additional Information

You want to enjoy the most popular game nowadays? Then you should download the MOD APK for Hungry Sharks Evolution provided for you here at

The apk is absolutely free to download and you will get the MOD features that you can help you enjoy it maximally. We value your security and privacy and that is why we give you highly secure apps. We also provide the latest version that you will not easily find anywhere.