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Facts about Extra Lives

Video games can make your day blissful and entertaining while sharpening your brain. Extra lives game is an action game created by Wrestling Revolution and Super City. Brainless zombies are everywhere looking to intimidate and take over the island, and you have to do something to stop them.

There are more problems on the Island than the zombies. But, you must figure out the problems and prepare for them. So, tighten your belt, and get ready for action as you join this game. Good a thing, is ready to give you helping hands, which is enough to take you to the next level of the game according to your desire.

We are here to give you extra lives mod apk, which will make things easier, safer, and more fun. So, navigate through the island and kill the zombies with ease using your mobile device.

What to Expect In the Beginning of the Extra Lives Game

Want to gain an extra life, but do not know how to go about it? No worries, our extra lives mod apk download is the best choice for you. It is what you need to gain an extra life and reach the level you want in the game. Although the extra lives game is free, there are some things expected to buy with money.

Influencing the game will not be easy when you do not have money to spend. To solve this problem, is out to provide you with the help you need. We ensure that you get endless life that will take you to the highest level of the game.

The zombie survival game comes with some challenging steps, which you can handle with ease using our mod APK. So, get ready for the modified android package that will meet your gaming needs.

Why you need our Extra lives mod apk

Extra Lives game is an adventure game that will take you to the island full of zombies. The game comes with various themes with attractive features. The gaming project comes with various demands.

In one of the projects, you will have to visit an island city infected with zombies. Nevertheless, there are many other challenges to face in the island order than the activities of the zombies. The survivor environment is not easy to manage, as you need to stretch beyond the limit to successfully come out of the island without harm.

Now that you are heading to the Zombie Island, you must get ready to make use of our mod APK app to survive without spending your real money. We are here to give you a helping hand that will take you to the level of the game you desire.

The extra lives mod apk remains the answer to your struggle in the island city. Our service comes focusing on your needs, which is the reason you should go on and benefit from the things available here without wasting time.

The extra lives gameplay

The high level of brutality, violence, and bloodshed in the extra lives game has made it a game for those that love adventures. More so, you must face the situation on the island and survive to be a reward. That is what made us decided to provide you with the easy mod APK to enhance your opportunity.

The games you need to enjoy the level of satisfaction you desire are here before you. Take a bloody adventure in the virtual world and see your chances of survival. The heartless humans and brainless zombies are ready to track your trail and take you down, but you must plan the best way to outsmart them without delay.

Figure out ways to take advantage of free mod APK offered by our team, and you will be happy that you did. You will discover the smart way to avoid the zombies when you take advantage of the mod we offer here.

Factors about the extra lives mod apk you need to know

There are many things you should find out about the extra lives mod apk before going ahead to make use of it. It is the modified feature that will make everything easy for you to handle in the gaming world. Another thing with this APK is that comes with easy download on your mobile and desktop device. Some of the things you should know before going for the mod available here include:

  • The brainless zombies and heartless humans are out to cause harm to you
  • You must develop special relationships with the two hundred characters
  • Make sure the relationship is spread across the eight warring factions of the island
  • Each of the characters have different idea about the problem and come up with different solutions
  • There are more than fifty locations on the island journey to visit and make sure there is order in things happening around the corner.
  • The game features combat system
  • Wrestling Revolution series

Go for our extra lives mod apk download here

While it is true that the extra lives mod is available for free, there is always a need to upgrade to a higher version and enhance your gaming experience. There are some characters available for you in the beginning, but you must make changes to make things work your way.

You can get our extra lives mod apk without spending money. We provide the mod for free to everyone without issues. You can decide on the number of zombies to begin with when you get our mod.

There are many things you will gain when you go to our mod APK today. We do our best to make things easy for members through the provision of the required information. One thing you can gain by making use of the mods on our platform is the access to unique “Deathmatch.”

Completely unlocked

You do not have to know how to play Extra lives, to reach the level you want with the mod we offer. We do our best to make sure that the needs of gamers are provided without wasting time.

Also, you will figure out the smart way to move around the island undetected and unharmed with the mod we offer. So, get ready to climb to the peak of the leader board in this game with the things we are ready to offer, and you will be happy that you did. is out to make sure you enjoy the unlimited gaming experience. You will discover the easier way to slay as many zombies as you want when you use the modified APK we offer.

Some tips on how to use our mod apk

Learning how to use our extra lives mod apk will help you to avoid making mistakes. You will find out the simple way to enjoy playing this game the way you like when you make use of our mod. The tips on how to play this game include:

  • Attack the enemies from the both sides with the RED fist button
  • Drop or pick-up with any of your hands by pressing the blue hand buttons
  • Press down the buttons on either sides to eat read books, eat food and more
  • Run as speedily as you can by double tapping to the direction you want
  • Refill your low energy level by touching the health meter button to sleep
  • Pause the game by touching the clock button,

Facts about the extra mod apk you should know

We are here to give you an opportunity you cannot resist the use of our mod. Adding to the improved gameplay associated with the mod, there is also improved compatibility.

So, you can play the game with the latest operating system and devices to gain more in the end. We do everything to make sure that the balancing and bug fixes are made available to everyone.

Just go on and benefit from the android mod available here, and you will always be happy that you did. You will discover the best way to make your stay on the island stress-free when you use the things we offer here.

Learn more about the mod apk today

Play along with other adventure lovers in the zombie land with the help of the things we offer, and you will be happy that you did. There are fighter’s faction and many other things that can make your gaming more entertaining, which you can get from this mod APK. Some of the things to avoid as you make use of the modification offered by our trusted team include:

  • Avoid going for the big fights
  • Figure out about your factions
  • Make sure you allies are not around when you want to fight
  • Make sure you do not sleep when you get to the zombie apocalypse
  • Gain access to many sources of food.

Additional Information

We have taken our time to explain about the extra lives mod apk to meet the needs of gamers. Your survival in the zombies infested island will increase when you use the features available here. Go on and benefit from the wonderful features, and you will be happy that you did.