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Adorable Home MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Latest Version Free Download

Adorable Home is yet another most played and trending game as of late on social media platforms. The game has attracted a lot of attraction that everyone wants to download it and play it the moment they hear about it. However, downloading just any version of the game may come along with some disappointments. There is first the risk of getting viruses and other forms of malware straight to your mobile device. Then there is the idea of a boring gameplay.

Here at, we do our best to provide you a safe to download version for free and which is in modded form. Adorable Home MOD APK that we give you will make your gameplay a great experience and make you fall in love with it.

What is Adorable Home?

For cat lovers, this is the ultimate game that you may want to play and which you will take to within the shortest time possible. However, the game is quite enticing and practically anyone will fall in love with which explains why the game has gained popularity all over the world. This is a game, which revolves around a home with pets particularly cats. The game is set around a nice environment making it one of the most addictive game of the games that we offer here at You can download our free version here and see for yourself how it can remove the boredom out of you and make you sit in front of your phone for hours on end.

Adorable Home Information

For you to download and enjoy the game on your mobile device, make sure that it correlates with this information about the modded version that you can download here at

  • Name- Adorable Home
  • Publisher- HyperBeard
  • Version- 1.8.6
  • Size-98MB
  • Device operating system- At least android 4.4

Adorable Home MOD

The MOD features of adorable home include the unlimited money. A very interesting thing about this is that the currency here is in form of love so instead of money, this modded version has unlimited love for you do use in making your transactions. So do not even think about it, get the Adorable Home MOD APK here at and enjoy every conner of the game.

Features of Adorable Home Game

The features of this interesting game make it highly addictive like already said. They are the reason why people are talking about this game everywhere making it more and more popular each passing day. Some of these wonderful features include:

  • Customizing

Whenever you have a game with a feature, which allows you to customize some things, the it is a very addictive one just like My Adorable Home. Customizing here implies that you make something more personalized, that is, how you want them to appear and according to how you like them. In My Adorable Home, this means that you design your home to be exactly how you would your real home to be. This is one reason why newlyweds like this game because it makes them dream and visualize the life they want in their home. You have a chance customize almost everything in your space including the garden, the furniture in your house and even boxes.

  • Love currency

Something else that is more attractive especially to the newlyweds is the form of currency used in this game. Love is the currency that is used to buy anything. They are easily acquired by doing several tasks here and there including watching TV, taking good care of the pets around the home and watching ads. With our MOD APK however, you have unlimited of the love and therefore everything becomes as simple as possible.

  • Virtual Pets

The game features a variety of pets that you need to take care of. You have cats, dogs and birds, which serve to bring the game to life. The first pet you will ever get is the cat, Snow that is one of the major uphill task that you will to do. Taking care of the pets is very interesting especially if you do not have actual pets. The game gives you an opportunity to cut the nails, stroking and even give baths to your pets. You will of course be required to have be required to have the skills and the expertise.

  • Love life and relationship

Here is where the game gets interesting. You will need to take care of your partner who is busy with the job to which they have to go every morning. Be the best partner by preparing Bento boxes and buy food from the shops using your love! Impress your lover by making them like you food and get a chance to get more Love.

  • Graphics and soundtracks

Yet another feature that makes this a number one choice of your game to download here at The graphics are animated in a unique style that has not featured in so many such apps. The soundtrack on the other and serves to make it even a more masterpiece that when you look at it from the graphic point of view. The sound track is quite relaxing and serves to remove the boredom that may come when you play many other similar games.

How to get the Most out of the app

Although very much addictive, the game may be a bit boring if you do not know how to handle some things. Here are a few tips if you want to get the best out of our modded version of the app that we have provided you so that you can download:

  • More cats should be your initial target

Your first cat snow is not the only pet you will have. As you proceed, you will get a chance to increase the number of pets in your house. Utilize this chance to get more and more cats and ensure that they are getting the best care as much as possible. Getting companions for snow is the best strategy ever that will make the work easier for you as you proceed to higher levels.

  • The Bento Box

Learn to prepare the bento box. It is a nice opportunity to get the hearts that will sustain you in the future. Preparing a bento box utilizes your cooking skills, where you are required to make a delicious meal for your partner. Make your partner like the bento box and you will definitely get more hearts.

  • Watch the video ads

If you have a data connection or access to Wi-Fi, you can watch the video ads to help you make extra hearts.

  • Feeding Pets

For you to be loved by your pets and particularly cats, you need to feed them constantly. Watch out for the cat food bowl, which should be full. Giving them higher quality foods will even be better. The trick is to be loved by the pets so that you can receive more hearts.

Downloading and installing Adorable Home MOD APK

Having learned much about the Adorable Home MOD APK, tis now time you learned how you can actualize your dream of playing it. The MOD APK has been provided for you here free and you can download it. At, we provide the latest and most secure version and you can therefore be ready to start playing right away after this process. Here is how you can install the modded app on your device:

  • To begin with, you will have to uninstall any other version of the app from your android device especially the one downloaded from Google play store.
  • Next, download our Adorable Home MOD APK here and proceed to install it on your phone.
  • After finishing installation, open the app and complete the tutorials provided.
  • Finally, you will exit the game and then reopen it. This is a very crucial step because it allows you to access unlimited money. Immediately after reopening it, what you will see is a number, 9999. The number simply implies that MOD has been activated and you can now access MOD features.

Overview of the Gameplay

You will have to get a partner and give them the name as a first step of the game. The two are newly wedded couples who are moving to a new house and have only Snow, the cat as their other companion. As a player, you have the duty of making the house vibrant with activities and make it the most beautiful house ever. Design your house to be a classic one and make your partner happy. Do not forget to add pets to your house and make them happy and lovable.

Additional Information

For a game addictive like this one, you will require sufficient amounts of hearts to enjoy it. that is why we have decide to provide for free a modded android app for the game Adorable Home to make sure that you have unlimited money in form of love to help you play the game with satisfaction. This what we do at; give you what we know you deserve.